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Meet Yvonne

As the Owner, Director and Proprietress of Moongate Wellness, Yvonne Douglas offers a boutique sanctuary for all who seek to rejuvenate, renew and reconnect to body mind and spirit.

Offerings & Gifts

Moongate Wellness hosts Teachers and Facilitators so they can share their offerings and gifts in a boutique setting with serene settings. 

Intergrative Energy & Frequency Therapist

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Tai Chi Easy

And more...

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Healy Frequency Therapy



2 hr

Healy provides 120000 frequencies for healing the body as well as emotional and chakras.



"Oh Yvonne! You and that Healy Scan are AWESOME!! I have learned to take sips of water throughout the day and what a DIFFERENCE! I woke up today feeling anew! Mind was in a place of balance, body felt good no aches or pains; even the right knee felt good! Not good enough to not have surgery but the PAIN has lessened! I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE! Excited to see in a month how everything is! You are the BEST! I will have to call you the Holistic Doctor now!

Cathy C.

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